I Would Like To Join Space Family =D

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I Would Like To Join Space Family =D Empty I Would Like To Join Space Family =D

Post  PanyVin on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:31 pm

Hello Every1 My NickName In Game Is PanyVin Im Lvl 63 Mage.
Im 14.
I Want To Join ´´)SpAcE(`´, Because I Like The Name And Im Also Not Person Which Want To Exp And i Really Like This Fam.
My Last Fam Was *Sky*Comet* I Didnt Want To Leave Them But There Was Many People Which Wasnt That Good Even If U Kick Them They Just Wanted Lod So Im Looking For Fam Not Only For Lod =) I Hope That Fam Would Give Me A Chance To Do It.
When Im Come Online I Love To Speak To Family/Friends And Hang With Friends To Drop Stuffs =)
Well Depends How Much I Play A Day Roughly 5-8 Hours A Day On Weekends.On School Day Like 2-3 No Much Time =(
(Trying Play How Much I Can) I Live In Ireland.
1st Lod Suits Me But.. Sometimes I Can Come On Both Depends.
I Willing To Wait On My Turn To Lvl A SP.
I Know Somethings About FC Raids. I Never Done 1 But I Know The Rules Of Dark Raid And Fire I Think Never Seen Water In Boss.
I Know That In Dark Raid U Need To Avoild The 3 Heads Hehe And In Fire Avoild His Atk (Magic) And Ofc Im Ready To Help If Fam Need`s Me On Fc

Im Very Kind/Friendly And Very Helpful If Som1 Need My Help Just Tell Me I Will Help You If I Can =)

Thank You. PanyVin


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