i wanna join fam n.n

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i wanna join fam n.n

Post  plaza on Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:56 pm

# Whats your IGN (in-game name) level and class ? my name in game is plaza and im an archer lvl 75
# Real AGE so we know how responsibilities u have. 17 years old
# Why do you want to join ,´´)SpAcE(`´, ? i like angels fam i i think space its the best and have good members
# What was your last family, or the family you are currently in? Why did you/do you want to leave them? my last fam was mimosa fam
# What do you like to do when you come online? talk i do funny things
# Roughly how many hours a day/week do you play? like 8 or 9 hrs by day
# What country do you live in? mexico city
# Which LoD timeslot can you come to? hmm i dont know very good the uk time but i try to go all the time
# How eve some member is training their SP card in LOD are u willing to wait till u get ur turn about
Level Sp cards?. yes
# Do u have any experience about FC raid?? and are u willing to go to FC if Family need ur help to push the % and do raids?? i live in fc xD i like kill devils and i want do raids and sure i help


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Re: i wanna join fam n.n

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:35 pm

Good luck with the votings. Cool


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