laryn want to join fam

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laryn want to join fam

Post  laryn on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:46 am

•Whats your IGN (in-game name) level and class ? my name is laryn i have lvl 48 and im a sword

•Real AGE so we know how responsibilities u have. i have 14 years old

•Why do you want to join ,´´)SpAcE(`´, ? i want to join to se more people friend and lod and talk

•What was your last family, or the family you are currently in? Why did you/do you want to leave them? my last fam is mimosa and they kick me

•What do you like to do when you come online? up lvl talk with friends

•Roughly how many hours a day/week do you play? all week and play for five hours per day

•What country do you live in? portugal

•Which LoD timeslot can you come to? all day

•If some member is training their SP card in LOD, are you willing to wait till you get your turn to
Level your own Sp cards?. yh

•Do u have any experience about FC raid?? Are you willing to go to FC if Family need ur help to push the % and do raids??


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Re: laryn want to join fam

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 01, 2010 1:28 pm

Sorry but requirements are 70+ when you near this lv if you want join us we will make voting for you, but for now lv is too low.

Ty for aplying, hope you can join us 1 day later when beter lv.


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