alon wana go space fam

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alon wana go space fam  Empty alon wana go space fam

Post  -alon- on Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:33 pm

my name is -alon- level 65 class mage

im 12 and i have problem with my poor english

besause i want to have fun get some new friends and we can help each other

my last family was oldies but they i think they hate my cuz they think i idiot its besause idk english so good but i dont really know if its besause that

i like to have fun do quest talk each other know new friends and kill monsters

i gona have a school now so i dont really know buti used to come for school go to play nostale and than go to sleep at the night

i live in isreal

idk cuz of the school but i think the first 1 and the other 1 i stiil dont know

i waillign to wait and i like a fair trotation system

i walling to go fc raids and all this cool things with family


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