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Post  Darkhold on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:16 pm


•Whats your IGN (in-game name) level and class ?
my nickname is Darkhold666 im swordsman lvl 71

Real AGE so we know how responsibilities u have.
im 25 years old

•Why do you want to join ,´´)SpAcE(`´, ?
i wanna join space because i want to "conect" with some mature people not kids and finding good friendships around here and i think this fam ill be the one to furfill what im seek.

•What was your last family, or the family you are currently in? Why did you/do you want to leave them?
my other fam was Brotherhood and i want to leave because they dnt have respect for my opnion and other guys as well

•What do you like to do when you come online?
thats a good question xD.lots of things, like do raids, chatting with people idk i cant name that all xD

•Roughly how many hours a day/week do you play?
it ll depend.because i work in the portuguese marines(fuzilerios) as sargent.maybe 7hours if i have nothing to do and if i have things to do maybe 3/ weekends i could stay 10h.

•What country do you live in?
I live in portugal

•Which LoD timeslot can you come to?
probably both lods but i can make sure of that because my regulations in marines depends much on the time we do smthing so the time is not i can do somthing in 5 minutes or it can takes hours

•If some member is training their SP card in LOD, are you willing to wait till you get your turn to
yeah sure np

Level your own Sp cards?.
atm ive 99+10 crusader, 74+9 berzerker and 56+8 warrior

•Do u have any experience about FC raid?? Are you willing to go to FC if Family need ur help to push the % and do raids??
honestly no.i never done fc raid.but i would like to try and help.

about me.well i respect everyone but i wish people respect me as well beacause respect is he top off all things


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