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Stef4n & Alina Empty Stef4n & Alina

Post  Guest on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:55 pm

I post the applycation instead him Smile He is my real boyfriend and want to Join space ^^

# Whats your IGN (in-game name) level and class ?
Stef4n and Lv 85 Archer

# Real AGE so we know how responsibilities u have.
14 but talking english better than alina Very Happy

# Why do you want to join ,´´)SpAcE(`´, ?
Is nice and paceful fam <3 i am just back from a break and i need some peace... And ofc <3 Alina

# What was your last family, or the family you are currently in? Why did you/do you want to leave them?
Fairytales...They disbanded when i was in my Break

# What do you like to do when you come online?
FC,TS81,PvP,Alina,Fight,Alina,Alina,Kill monsters,do quest and Alina

# Roughly how many hours a day/week do you play?
5 a day o.o idk sure.. maybe more ..

# What country do you live in?

# Which LoD timeslot can you come to?
For momment i am fine and can come to 9AM-9PM Lods (UK time)

# If some member is training their SP card in LOD, are you willing to wait till you get your turn to
Level your own Sp cards?.

# Do u have any experience about FC raid?? Are you willing to go to FC if Family need ur help to push the % and do raids??
I am FC adict... 24/7 in FC Smile

Rest ur decizion



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Stef4n & Alina Empty Re: Stef4n & Alina

Post  Guest on Sat Jul 31, 2010 6:33 am

Nice aplication. Gl in the voting.

24h voting


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