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Post  siul123 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:47 am

Whats your IGN (in-game name) level and class ?
siul123,lvl 79-100.00% (:O) and mage Wink.
Real AGE so we know how responsibilities u have.
15 years old but like 20 Wink
Why do you want to join ,´´)SpAcE(`´, ?
I got lots and lots and lots of friends in this fam and they are splendid persons so the fam must be also splendid Wink. Other reason is because i want a neutral family that dont be at wars and love to have fun Wink.
What was your last family, or the family you are currently in? Why did you/do you want to leave them?
Last family was FatedHope. I loved that fam but they dissolved ;(. So need other nice fam Wink.
What do you like to do when you come online?
i love Fc, Arena, and when im not busy why not help others. But over all i love to talk.... muahaha...(Love fc)(Love fc)
Roughly how many hours a day/week do you play?
Hmmmm... May be 6 or 7 days at week and 5-8 hours at day...(dont call me freak. i also have social life xD)
What country do you live in?
Madriiid,Spain(winners world cup 2010)alt e. =x
Which LoD timeslot can you come to?
The true is that i cant go lod till august because its too late.
How eve some member is training their SP card in LOD are u willing to wait till u get ur turn about
Level Sp cards?. I usually only use my loved holy. And my holy is lvl 99 so i can help veryone who needs train his/her SP Wink.

Do u have any experience about FC raid?? and are u willing to go to FC if Family need ur help to push the % and do raids??


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Post  Guest on Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:27 am

lol gl and ur not a freakcause im almost on for 24 hours and i have a social life tehe


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